Basic Introduction of Pogo Pin Magnetic Connectors

Basic Introduction of Pogo Pin Magnetic Connectors

Pogo pin is also called spring-loaded pin. Pogo pin is composed of plunger, spring, barrel and plastic body, which is riveted by precision instruments. Therefore, it is also called Pogo pin connector. This is a new type of connector that has been widely used in recent years. Because of its precision, small size and various shapes, it is widely used in various electronic products and equipment. 

Pogo pin connectors have played a crucial role in the evolution of electronic devices from bulky to fine. And magnetic connectors provide a more convenient way to use electronic product equipment, such as TWS Bluetooth headset charging box and charging cable of kid phone watch all use the magnetic charging structure. No longer have to worry about the charging interface inserted backwards or can not be inserted. Pogo pin magnetic connectors use the principle of magnets with the same poles repel each other and opposite poles attract each other, to carry out structural positioning to prevent fool-proofing, avoid damage, short circuits, etc.

The structure of Pogo pin is divided into two parts: internal and external. The common external structures include SMT, DIP, right angle, double head, solder cup, screw thread , etc., which are mainly used to meet the application needs of various structural assemblies of electronic products. The internal structure mainly solves the application needs of electronic products for various parameters. Common internal structures include: through hole structure, inclined surface structure, inclined surface with balls (high current), double contact, etc.

In terms of application, various parameters and specifications of Pogo pin can be customized according to the needs of electronic products. Both the external structure and the internal structure can be customized on demand, from single pin to multi pins, single row to double rows or even multi rows, dip type, bending type and so on. The Pogo pin magnetic connector, which is combined with plastic and magnet, greatly simplifies the application of charging and data transmission. Magnetic positioning, automatic adsorption, no need to worry about the charging interface being inserted backwards or broken.

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