What is pogo pin medical connector?

What is pogo pin medical connector?

Pogopin Is a precision connector for electronic equipment, widely used in semiconductor equipment, play a connecting role, according to the application of different appearance, but the whole is made of plastic and spring needle. Generally used in mobile phones, communications, automotive , Precision connections in electronics such as aerospace, pogo pin medical connector is one of them.

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SUNMON was established on August 25, 2009, and has successively established companies in mainland China and Hong Kong, China.

The products produced by SUNMON are widely used in consumer electronics: laptops, tablets, smartphones, electronic cigarettes, LED lights, etc. Smart wearable products: smart bracelets, watches, TWS Bluetooth headsets, smart clothing and other smart homes, industrial handheld terminals, aerospace, aviation, medical equipment electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics, etc.

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Development of Interface for High Current pogopin Connector

Pogo pin medical connector support high-current transmission, represents the device charging speed, which has been a major bright spot in electronic products, in most manufacturers are still producing ordinary connectors, at this stage Shuangmeng Electronics has been able to develop 1A-50A high-current connector, and has been widely used in the major electronic industries.

Development of Interface for High Current pogopin Connector

Pogopin Application Advantages of Connectors

In some devices, the product design is quite special, the reserved interface space is very small, and other interfaces are selected, the appearance and shape are not suitable, and the size cannot be easily modified. However, Shuangmeng Electronics, a pogopin connector manufacturer, can customize the appearance and performance of medical connectors. to suit the product design.

Pogopin Application Advantages of Connectors

pogo pin medical connector | Pogopin Connector Chlorine Water Test

Conventional pogopin connectors are usually gold-plated, but in different environments or some special environments, the coating can cause electrolytic corrosion problems, such as residual chlorine in the pool disinfection process.Sunmon Three kinds of gold-plated, platinum-plated and rhodium-plated coatings were tested,In 1.5 hours, the gold-plated connector will appear a large number of black material, 5.5 hours under the platinum-plated connector appeared a small amount of black material, only rhodium-plated connector in 8 hours only a small amount of black material.

pogo pin medical connector | Pogopin Connector Chlorine Water Test
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Pogopin Connectors can be designed to be IP 67 class waterproof.

In general, there is no limit to the plastic shape of the pogopin connector, and Sunmon also supports open-die customization of the desired shape.

Sunmon has more than 10 years of connector production experience, in 48 hours can be out of the design, 7 days out of the sample.

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