What is a pogo pin?

What is a pogo pin?

pogopinSpring needle is a kind of precise electronic hardware, which is usually used to transmit current, signal and data. It is composed of needle, needle and spring. Its derivative products include pogopin connector, magnetic connector, magnetic charging line and so on。

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pogopin application of spring needle

The pogopin spring pin connector developed by Shuangmeng Electronics is suitable for consumer electronics: notebook, tablet, smartphone, electronic cigarette, LED lamp, etc.

Smart Wearable Products: Smart bracelet, watch, TWS Bluetooth headset, smart clothing, etc.Smart home, industrial handheld terminals, aerospace, aviation, medical equipment electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics and other fields.

pogopin application of spring needle

Pogopin The characteristics of spring needle

Compared with other connectors, appearance and shape are fixed, and dual-alliance electronics has a wealth of pogopin spring needle development experience, according to the needs of equipment, to determine the size of the connector,Its appearance can be large to a few centimeters, small to a few millimeters, and gold-plated after the appearance of golden yellow, looks beautiful atmosphere.

Pogopin The characteristics of spring needle

Pogopin Shape structure of spring needle

Several common types of pogopin spring needles
Flat bottom type: good stability, needle tube bottom for the plane design, easy to PCB board welding;
Insert plate type: needle tail with positioning needle, in the PCB board welding, will not occur offset phenomenon, positioning effect is good;
Bending type: tail bending, to provide designers in the use of space have more choices;
Double-head type: Double-excellent double-action design, so that engineers in the plate-to-plate two-way results have more space flexibility;
Wire type: Suitable for Cable end, easy to weld with wire.

Pogopin Shape structure of spring needle
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Pogopin Spring PIN can be used to transmit current, signal, data.

Pogopin The common coatings of spring needles are gold-plated, palladium-nickel-plated, silver-plated, platinum-plated, rhodium-plated.

Pogopin Spring needle general life of tens of thousands of times, some special structure customization can even reach millions of times.

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