The application of the four Pogo pin structures

The application of the four Pogo pin structures

In order to meet the different requirements of electronic products for parameters, the internal structure of Pogo pin is different, mainly divided into 4 types:through hole structure, inclined surface structure, bevel plus ball structure and double contact structure. This article introduces the application of these four types of structures.

Through hole structure is mostly used in some equipment with small current requirements, usually around 1A-1.5A. The current is mainly conducted through the spring, so it is necessary to ensure the current overload problem of the spring under the normal working state of the equipment.

The inclined surface structure is mostly used in some equipment with current requirements, mostly around 2-10A. The position of the plunger in contact with the spring is cut into a bevel. When working, use the spring to keep the plunger in continuous contact with the barrel and shunt the high current to ensure the normal working condition of the spring.

The bevel + ball structure is suitable for electronic products with higher current requirements. This structure adds an insulating bead between the plunger and the spring. It allows all the current to pass through the plunger and conduct directly to the barrel, ensuring the reliability of the spring.

The double contact structure is to facilitate the connection of the upper, middle and lower components, which is somewhat similar to board-to-board (B TO B). But it is more convenient and applicable than board-to-board, and the reliability is better.

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