What is a magnetic suction charging line?

What is a magnetic suction charging line?

Relying on the magnetic attraction of magnets, the traditional data line connector is separated from the line body, and the two are automatically attracted within a certain distance through magnetism. Therefore, the magnetic data line is called a magnetic line, a magnetic data line, and a magnetic charging line. In this way, the data cable can be plugged and unplugged with one hand, and in actual use, the magnetic charging cable is safer than the ordinary data cable.

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Pogopin magnetic suction charging line adsorption force design

Pogopin The special feature of the magnetic connection line is that it can be automatically adsorbed and connected by using the magnetic characteristics, and the adsorption force of the magnet can be designed according to the demand. Relative to the plug-in port, not only in the docking more convenient, but also will not easily drive the machine lead to equipment drop and so on.

Pogopin magnetic suction charging line adsorption force design

Development of Pogopin magnetic suction charging line and traditional USB interface

Pogopin magnetic suction charging line to type-c or micro interface, this design is popular with young people, in smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronic products are very common, the connector and wire body separation, connector can be long-term inserted into the device, when the need to connect, just close to the wire body, The magnet can be used to automatically absorb and conduct.

Development of Pogopin magnetic suction charging line and traditional USB interface

Pogopin magnetic suction charging line current transmission

Pogopin magnetic suction charging line can be customized, according to the application of equipment to customize 1-20A range of current transmission, can meet the requirements of fast charging and high-current charging products, Sunmon Electronics has developed a number of different currents can be arbitrarily selected

Pogopin magnetic suction charging line current transmission
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Pogopin The number of magnetic connection can easily reach more than 10,000 times, far better than the traditional plug-in port, a single spring needle can even achieve hundreds of thousands of times of plug.

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